My experience in Casa Republica Hotel Boutique

Written by : Meli Hunting

My experience in Casa Republica Hotel Boutique Barranco. Of all that I want to tell you about this place, I must start by telling you that this hotel is super new. They were only a month since its launch when I booked and that is precisely the reason why I considered it necessary to have an entire post. I wanted tell you everything that was my experience with them. In fact, when you imagine a new hotel you are predisposed to errors that may arise, your tolerance level is higher than normal but … to my good luck, the opposite happened in this case. We hope all is well at the hotel Casa Republica, Peru and in Barranco. The hotel was wonderful.

Thanks Meli for your wonderful comments, we have prided ourselves on superior service since we opened. We were happy to receive you and your guests. Our hotel continues to operate despite the COVID crises and were one of the only hotels in Lima to continue operating throughout the closedown. We also worked with the Peruvian government to host expats during evacuations and the quarantine process.